Dell customer support call

(Yes, tech was fired, but he must have had fun with this one!):

T: Customer Service

C: I need help!

T: What seems to be your problem?

C: I canīt get the computer up and running.

T: Do you get anything, lights, sounds, anything?

C: No, nothing.

T: OK, is the PC plugged in?

C: Yes, I can see the plug going into the wall.

T: What about on the back of the PC, is it plugged in there?

C: I really canīt see back there.

T: Can you move it so the back is accessible?

C: Itīs kind of cramped up, I moved it a little bit.

T: Enough to see the back where the plug goes?

C: No, not quite. Itīs just too dark back there.

T: You need to get some light there so you can see.

C: Iīll have to call you back then.

T: You can use a desk lamp if you have one there.

C: No, the lamp is no problem, believe me!

T: Then why canīt you move it to see the back of the computer?

C: Because we just had a power failure and they say it will be hours before the power comes back on.

T: Oh........ On second thought, do you have all the original packaging that the computer came in?

C: Oh yes, itīs all right here.

T: Good, you need to pack it all up and take it back to where you got it from and ask for a refund.

C: Why? Is it that bad?

T: Iīm afraid it is.

C: What should I tell them?

T: Tell them that youīre too stupid to own a computer!

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