Logitech Trackball

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of trackballs. I've been using mice since the ancient days of the first Apple systems, and I like them. I'm very used to them and have played many, many fast-paced games with them. They seem an extension of my arm.

However, the way my desk is laid out, it's really tough to have a mouse at a good height. The result is that I get very sore wrists from using my mouse, even when I get the very best mouse I can.

The trackball solves that problem. You hold it steady - so you're not doing all of the nasty stresses on your wrist. Your hand stays in one position, which you of course adjust to be a GOOD position. Your thumb does the movement of the mouse, and your fingers of course click.

After forcing myself to use the trackball for a while, I do get used to it. It takes up a minimum of room and really does help out greatly with the wrist.

If you're having wrist problems, give this a try. Don't expect to get used to it immediately - but it may solve all of your problems once you do.

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