Imak Smart Glove

My boyfriend and I are both on the keyboard pretty much non-stop all day, and have tried many, many things to soothe our wrists. I've tried other wrist supports before, with not much result. But when BOTH of us put on the Smart Glove, we literally sighed as we put it on. It just feels GOOD.

The form-fitting glove is reversable for left and right, and comes in three sizes. It has a solid part above the wrist to keep your hand at the right angle, and beads below to help support your hand in the right position. The box says that it helps circulation and I can believe it - right away my hand felt really nice, as if it was being massaged.

Just about my only complaint would be that the fabric on it doesn't "slide" nicely, so when you move your mouse towards you, it is a bit resistant. Compared to all the other benefits it provides, this is a small problem compared to the great help it is in all other ways. If you use a trackball, that's not even an issue.

Highly recommended!

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