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Logitech Cordless Mouse

I was seriously warned AGAINST using cordless mice, because I was working so much with images and fine mouse movement. I was told that it would drive me crazy to play games with the mouse, because the response would be so bad.

But after my wrist hurt each time I moved my corded mouse because of even the small friction the cord game, I knew I had to try it. I tested several of them and settled on the Logitech cordless mouse.

I have to tell you, I was THRILLED. This mouse is amazing! No cord, so it slides as smoothly as silk. The batteries last me months even though I use them constantly. The mouse is used for everything from PhotoShop to EverQuest to Unreal Tournament and it's performed perfectly under every condition. I'm only sorry I didn't get one earlier!! If you want to protect your wrist from harm, I *highly* recommend getting your hands on one of these!

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