The Foot Machine Ergonomic Footrest Review

Many people feel footrests are silly, indulgent items - meant for men in smoking jackets who are sitting by a fire and smoking a pipe. I have really found an *amazing* difference in my body's ability to sit for multiple hours at a computer, based on using a properly set up footrest.

It makes sense. While your butt supports much of your weight when you sit, your feet still have to take the downward pressure of your lower thighs and calves. That can be a lot of weight! Just read any airline magazine to read about the dangers of sitting still for too long - and you'll realize that the exact same thing applies to people sitting at office desks.

I tried out a lot of footrests, including the simple kinds like boxes and books :) You in general want your upper legs to go straight parallel to the ground, and then have a right angle / 90 degree angle down to the floor. You want your feet to sit flat on the floor. If your desk is set up properly for your eyes and monitor and wrists and keyboard, though, usually your legs end up at some strange angle. That's where the footrest comes in, to adjust the height of where your feet hit the "ground".

I love this footmachine for many reasons. First, it's easy to adjust its height. It will easily go up and down to match where your feet end up based on your chair setup. Next, the rocking motion on the footrest is SUPER smooth. It is like a glider. It doesn't rock back and forth as if it was on a sphere. It "slides" back and forth while changing angle. It feels REALLY good on your ankles to do that.

Also, the foot rest area is reversible, so you can have little massage beads under your feet. You might not use these all the time, but every once in a while, slip your feet out of your shoes and rub your feet on the beads. It feels really nice. I often wear slippers when I work and I can feel them through the slipper.

Some stores sell these units at incredibly high prices because they are so good. Do a bunch of web searching, you can literally save 50% off the price if you track down the medical sites that sell them. Highly recommended! I love mine :)

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