World Food Programme Feed Bag

I initially bought this bag because it was a great combination of a solid looking functional bag to carry groceries in and a good way to publicize a charity organization. Plus some of the money actually went TO charity. The bag was so amazingly useful that I promptly then bought a second one.

World Food Programme Feed Bag Yes, it's important to point out that the bag is selling for $60 on Amazon and that "only" $20 of the price is going to the charity. They are able to feed a child for an ENTIRE YEAR when you give them that money! I think that's an amazing deal. However, some people are complaining - they say people should donate $60 directly to the WFP and not get the bag.

I think they're missing the entire point of this bag. Some of the money is going to Amazon. Some of the money is going to shipping (I get free shipping with all my Amazon purchases). And some of the money is going to WFP so that they can continue to administrate a program that helps so many people!

Yes, you could send $60 directly to the WFP. However, how many people actually do that? By having this bag with me, I am continually advertising WFP to everyone I meat. And believe me, I get a ton of compliments on this bag because it is SO handy. It is thick, sturdy, with wide handles and it holds a TON of groceries. That's why I got two of them. I have many other bags I use and these are just AWESOME. Every time someone asks me about this bag I tell them where I got it and why. They are very likely to go on Amazon when they get home, look it up and buy one for themselves.

If I just walked around randomly without the bag, how many people would come up to talk with me? How many would I then spontaneously mention WFP to - and how many would really think about going home, looking up WFP and donating money to them?

Yes certainly you can donate money to WFP *separately* from this bag purchase. However, I definitely recommend people buy a bag or two for their daily use. The bags are awesome. Just by buying it you have already sponsored a child for an entire year, to get them a meal every day. And the publicity you provide to WFP by using it is simply priceless.

Highly recommended.

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