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I grew up running around in the woods and fields of New England, dreaming about being a Native American girl back in pre-colonization days. I was very much a person who loved nature, who loved the trees, the animals, and life without noise and modern pollution. As I have grown up I have maintained these same basic desires and concerns. Yes, I use a computer and I drive a car. I make concessions to modern life, to earn a living. However, I work from home. I try to keep a small carbon footprint. I pay attention to water conservation, have a garden in my back yard, and recycle every thing I can. All of us can make small differences which really add up!

Envirosax Monochromatic Pouch If I can offer some basic suggestions, here they are. Get a reusable set of bags! When they ask "paper or plastic" opt for your own bags instead. Whether someone is chopping down trees or using oil to make plastic, neither one is good. By having your own bags, you can make a huge impact just with your day to day living.

Also, look into a garden. Even if it's window gardens in your sunny windows, you can really save a ton of money by growing your own tomatoes and herbs. It is well worth looking into!

Here are books and products which I feel greatly help us lead a healthy, world-loving life.

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