Lunapads Cloth Menstrual Pads

Lunapads products makes cloth menstrual pads. For the basics of cloth menstrual pads read:

Natural Menstrual Pads - Day
Natural Menstrual Pads - Night

Here is Lunapad's official product image for their "long" pads -

Lunapads Cloth Menstrual Pads

Compared with the previous pads I tested from GladRags, this is a simpler design. You get one "shell" (on the left) and one "insert" (on the right). There are two ric-rac bands at the top and bottom of the shell to hold the insert in place. They sell each shell with one insert each. With GladRags you could put up to three extra inserts into a shell, although I never used more than one. I think one is probably the max here, otherwise you'd pull the ric-rac out and make it loose.

Anyway, once you put that insert into the shell, being held in place by the ric-rac, you put that ric-rac side against your underwear. You can see the three plastic snaps on the right side of the shell, so you wrap that around your underwear and snap them into the holes on the left side of the shell (not visible in the photo, they're on the back of the left side).

I found the three plastic snaps here harder to snap than the one solid snap on the GladRags setup - but I also understand that with three snaps there should be less strain on a given individual snap with this design. So far it hasn't mattered either way. In any case, the soft "back side" of the shell (not shown in this image) is now against your skin.

LunaPads come in all sorts of styles, which is neat! You can get spirograph, leopard print, hearts, bubbles and other designs. Just an added bonus. They do have organic cotton as well.

The LunaPads are certainly comfortable, and I love the design options. The site is very easy to use, you know exactly what you need and can get the pads in the exact size and width you want. The pads and liners page -

LunaPads Pads and Liners Page

is designed VERY clearly so you can see the exact options and see exactly how each one works. I got the long pack of 3 pads plus liners (in fossil fern design) but I could easily have tossed on a heavy pad plus liner, and a mini pad plus liner, and other items onto the order and known exactly how I'd use them all. They even have how-to guides if you really can't figure out how to slide the liner into the ric-rac. Plus a cool "flow chart" to determine which sets work best for which parts of your period!

The only down side - and this is just a theoretical down side - is I'm not sure how long this ric-rac can really last without getting stretched out. The other design had a solid band which really kept the liner in place. This has two bands - which I suppose should be better - but I can see that ric-rac loosening up and the liner therefore sliding out of position. I will have to report back on whether that happens or not.

So far, highly recommended!


An update on the LunaPads. After about two years I had stopped using those except as a backup pad. Those three tiny snaps were just a royal pain to use. The other pads I have all have one simple snap that works perfectly well. There doesn't seem to be any reason to fiddle with the three tiny snaps each time the pad needs to come on or off.

Also the pad is only useful for light to medium-light days. Even with the extra layer, both are so thin that it doesn't hold much flow.

I never had any issues with the ric-rac holding up though! That was fine.

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