Free Rice is a website with a great idea. The site is in essence a "vocabulary game" which lets you build up your vocabulary as you play. Everybody can benefit from having a better vocabulary! Each time you do well, the game donates actual, real rice to a starving family. So by playing, you feed people.

How this works is that sponsors pay for the banner ads to show up on the site. You don't have to click! Some people do click, though, and that helps to ensure that the rice can keep flowing.

Free Rice

Each time you get a word right, you feed someone 20 grains of rice. The grains add up quickly! Just how many grains does it take to feed a person, though? I was very curious about this and actually sat down with a container of rice and counted them. It took a while :). The answer is there were 2,345 grains of Uncle Ben's rice in the quarter cup of dry rice. That then equals a cup of cooked rice to eat.

Free Rice

Looking at various packages of rice, a 1/2 cup of rice is considered a serving. So a serving of rice, in grains, is about 1,100 grains.

Free Rice

So keep playing at FreeRice and get yourself up to 1,100 grains - to feed a hungry person!

The way this game works is that the vocabulary difficulty level of the game constantly adjusts to your skill. There is no "maximum score". You can keep playing forever. However, the vocabulary difficulty level of words you are given will go up and down based on how well you are doing. For example if you keep getting words wrong it will lover your vocabulary level so you get easier words to guess at. If you keep doing well, it will keep raising the difficulty level of the words you are given.

The real challenge is to max out the vocabulary difficulty level and to keep it there by continually guessing the words properly! Get just one word wrong and it'll drop the difficulty level down! Can you reach difficulty level 60?

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