Envirosax Monochromatic Pouch

When I first received my Envirosax set, I admit I was very disappointed. The bags seemed so flimsy! The container that held them was so tiny! I had imagined these five bags being able to let me carry groceries and do other chores. It looked like they would hardly be able to carry a few pieces of paper. The container that holds all five bags is barely larger than a hardcover book.

Envirosax Monochromatic Pouch Then we actually went to a store and used them. WOW. We were simply amazed. The bags must be made from some sort of a parachute fabric or something. They are VERY strong and carried extremely heavy objects without any sign of trouble. The handles for each bag are nice and wide, so they don't cut into your hands like plastic bags do. They are large! They are about the size of an old record album case (for those of you who remember those things). We did an entire shopping trip and the bags pretty much took care of everything.

Not only were we really impressed - but the checkout crew was very impressed and asked where we got these things. I'm sure the checkout group sees all sorts of bags in their daily work so for them to be amazed by a bag's sturdiness and capacity is saying something.

My boyfriend was able to neatly roll the bags all up and tuck them back into their container again - but really for me that is way too much trouble. I always grab bags as I am going in and out of the house and don't want to bother rolling them up. So if you're a neatnick they definitely tuck back into a VERY small container. If you like to just grab-and-go like me, you can leave them out and loose.

We have the black and white monochromatic set. The two other sets they offer are bright primary colors (a bit too bright for me) and odd urban colors (bright yellow, orange and olive green). Out of the three I definitely like the black and white ones best. However, I would REALLY like to have green ones! I'm doing this for green reasons after all. I would love to have soft green and brown colors to reflect my natural interests. If they did another set in green and browns I would buy them even though I have these black-and-white ones already. They really are that good.

Highly recommended.

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