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It's very common in dreams to find that you have magical or super powers - you can run fast, fly high, breathe underwater. What do these mean?

Just as dreams that have you UNable to do something emphasize your feeling of helplessness, your dreams where you ARE able to do something special emphasizes your feeling of empowerment. It shows you that you can reach your goals and achieve your dreams, if you just put your mind to it. It is showing you that anything is possible, and that you already have the talent within you to do what needs to be done.

Dreaming about Flying
Dreaming about flying is a very common dream of freedom, of escaping restrictions and achieving your goals.

Dreaming about Running Fast
Many dreams involve running at faster than normal speeds, breezing past cars and zooming across meadows. What do these dreams tell you?

Dreaming about Breathing Underwater
Breathing underwater is a skill that most of us would love to have! This could easily turn a dangerous situation into a quite fun one.

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