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Breathing underwater is a skill that most of us would love to have! This could easily turn a dangerous situation into a quite fun one.

While other superpower dreams are 'nice to have', in that they let you do a normal thing a bit faster, with breathing underwater this is important in many ways. Many people dream about drowning as a way of expressing great stress or depression. So being able to breathe underwater is a way to combat that - you feel that stress, sense that darkness, and are still able to work through it and go on with your tasks.

Not only that, but by being able to breathe underwater, you can now get to all sorts of fascinating places not normally available, with gorgeous coral and fish. So not only is this incredibly practical and helpful, but it is life-enriching as well.

Of all the super powers you can dream of, this is probably the most complex one. It gives you freedom - but freedom to accept the burdens and responsibilities AND go on with your tasks. It isn't the easy freedom of flying - but it is the mature freedom of taking what life has given you and reaching your goals anyway.

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