Graduation Party Desserts

A graduation is always a time to celebrate. It is a lot of work for any student to get through the course of material! Here are fun ideas for your graduation celebration.

Schoolhouse Cake
Make a rectangle cake and decorate it with yellow frosting. Give it doors and windows with a darker frosting. Your graduate will have great fun slicing it up!

Schoolbus Cake
Another symbol of school is the yellow schoolbus. Again, start with a rectangle cake and yellow frosting. Put on a few circular cookies (oreos) for wheels, and add on windows and a door with darker frosting. You can put M&Ms in the windows for student heads.

The classic symbol of graduation is the black mortarboard "hat" that graduates wear, with a tassle. This is easy - make a square cake and use chocolate frosting on it. Now simply stick a tassle into the top!

Depending on the interests of your graduate, you can also go with a themed cake for a tropical island or fun hobby that they will now have more time to persue!

Graduation Traditions

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