Graduation Traditions

If you're planning a graduation party, learn more about traditions involving graduation. It will help you make desserts that are truly part of the theme!

One of the best-recognized symbols of graduation is the diploma - the piece of paper that "proves" you got through the courses. This was traditionally done on sheepskin, rolled into a roll and tied with a ribbon. You can make thin rolled pastries, or create a cake decorated as if it was a diploma.

In medieval times when the first universities were formed, everyone wore robes. This was simply their "Sunday Best" to wear to the graduation. As time went on, special robes with fancy linings came to symbolize the graduate. You can put robes around the drinks you serve (bottles of soda, etc) to show this.

The thin, flat hats that many graduates wear are also called "trencher caps". The hat and decorative tassle dates back to Oxford in the 1700s, and was originally just a cap to keep off the sun and rain. You can make a chocolate cake to represent the hat, and add on a tassle!

Greek Roots
Most modern education can trace its roots back to the systems of the Greeks. In Grecian days, celebrations would involve a lot of wine, plus fresh fish, olives, and lots of vegetables. These are all healthy treats to be serving at your own celebration!

Many graduates have parties for several months to celebrate, with different families hosting the party each weekend. If you're part of a party circuit, coordinate with the other families and choose a theme for each party. That will make the celebrations even more fun!

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