How to Cook with Metric Recipes

Many great recipes are created using metric units. It is easy to convert this over into US terms for cooking with in the US.

Note that while temperatures, volumes and weights are often in Fahrenheit, teaspoons and ounces, there are in fact many measurements in the US that are done in metric.

This includes liter soda bottles, 35mm rolls of film, all vitamins, grams of fat or carbs in a food item, and much more.

Farenheit - Celsius Temperature Conversion Chart
If you need to convert an oven temperature or any other temperature from farenheit to celsius, this online conversion chart will do it quickly and easily.

US to Metric Conversion Table
Convert all of your recipes using this U.S. to Metric or Metric to U.S. Conversion Table.

Metric to US Conversion Table
If you have a recipe using metric measurements and need to determine the US equivalent, this chart will help you out.

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