Advertising is run by Lisa Shea. Lisa has had content on the internet / computers / FTP servers since the early 90s. This site is a merging of the content she had stored in a variety of locations over the years. We receive over 2 million pageviews each month.

The LisaShea site has a reputation for the highest quality. Our visitors pay attention to what we recommend, and click on the links that we provide. We never run pop-up, pop-under or intrusive ads. Because of this, our visitors have a great respect for the links we do provide and our click-through rate is much higher than industry standard.

Main interest areas of this site are visiting specific locations (Disney World, Las Vegas, etc.), working at home, popular fiction (the Da Vinci Code), pet care (parakeets, cats) and movie genres (Japanese movies, irish movies). There are also many other sub-topics which receive a lot of traffic.

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