Scooba Robot and Battery Life

The Scooba comes with a one year warranty. In our case, we rarely used the Scooba (because our kitchen floor was always covered with junk, not because we disliked the Scooba). Even so, after a year and a half it started giving us errors relating to the battery and charger.

Scooba Photo At first the problem seemed to be that the battery doesn't hold a charge. They have an OSMO update for this problem, and I emailed in to get the OSMO update. However, shortly after that began, we started getting the series of tones and the error lights which indicated a problem with the charger unit.

We were doing two things wrong here. First, we were leaving the charger plugged in. You should never leave ANY charger like this just plugged into the wall. This goes for cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, you name it. Any charger which has a box in line in the cord is actively drawing electricity from your house even when it's "off". This means you are paying for extra electricity that you are wasting and you are wearing out the charger for no reason.

Second, when the unit is not being used your should REMOVE the battery completely from the Scooba and keep the battery somewhere cool and dry. That way the battery lasts as long as possible.

Right now we're ordering a replacement charger and we'll see how that works - we may have to order a replacement battery too! But again we probably wouldn't have had to do either if we had stored the system properly.

So in July 2008 we ordered a new battery ($70, from iRobot directly) and a new charger. everything worked properly once we did. We didn't use it often, again because of the kitchen mess and not because of the Scooba. We went to use it in September 2009 and once again it was giving battery / charger errors. At this point I really wanted to just buy a new Scooba (they have 2 new versions since we bought our original one). My boyfriend claims he'll just wash the floor by hand when I want it done. We'll see ...

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