Priming the Scooba Pump

A scooba floor cleaner has water in it - and therefore it has a pump inside it to move that water around. Like all pumps, the system must be primed for it to work. If you do not prime the pump you'll get errors such as CHECK TANK when the Scooba starts to run. This will be true for a brand new scooba as well as for a scooba that has sat dormant for a few weeks.

Here is how to prime the pump.

Scooba Photo

Take out the tank so that your Scooba looks like the above image. See the nib that the green arrow is pointing at? That is where the water goes in. You need to get water INTO that spot to get it started. Get a sports water bottle, or a turkey baster, and position it over that spot. Now squirt water hard at that location.

Then reset the tank into place and hit POWER, then CLEAN. Give the scooba a GENTLE push to get it going - and you should be all set!

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