Album Covers - Gorgeous Budget Wall Decor

If you've got a great sense of style but little money - or even if you just love history and music - album covers are super cheap, and provide incredible, historic art work!

budget wall decor

The artwork provided on album covers ranges through all realms of art styles. There are simple images of the band members, to very surreal images of dragons and fairies. You can find images of horses, images of dogs, images of cats. You can find romantic images and wild party images.

What's even better is that these images are part of a history. This isn't just a random image that you cut from a magazine. This is an actual printing, contained on an album cover that will gain in worth as time goes on.

budget wall decor

eBay is a great place to scout out albums. You don't have to worry about the album inside being playable or not - that would be an extra bonus if it was, but it's not necessary. You only care about how clean the actual album cover itself is. Look for large stains or rips. You can find album covers that match every decor style, every color theme and every personal interest.

Once you have the album in hand, it's time to frame it. Find an album frame that has glass or plastic on the front, to protect the album's cover from stains or dust. That way you protect your investment for the years.

While just one album might be perfect for a smaller area, go for a few album covers for the larger wall areas. You can group them by band or by theme.

Best of all, if you really do end up with a playable LP, you can rip the albums into your computer, to enjoy the music as well! In essence all you do is play the LP on your record player, then send the "output" of your stereo system into the "line in" of the computer. There are many websites that provide step by step instructions if you want to learn more!

Highly recommended - album covers make great conversation starters, and it's always interesting to hear peoples' memories of songs and bands!

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