Sleeveface - Album Cover Fun

I love the idea of sleeveface. I have numerous pages on my website encouraging people to use album covers as wall art. There are many gorgeous albums out there with fantastic artwork that truly deserve a place on a wall. To combine that album art with a personalized connection is amazingly fun. You hold the album in front of your face and in essence create a collage between you and the album image.

The problem with this book is the incredibly mixed bag of results. Some of these people put enormous effort into their poses. The guy who did Elton John matched up the shirt exactly! The Doris Day person not only found the perfect outfit but also an amazing backdrop. These are real works of art that the "creators" should be commended for.

Then you have much of the rest of the book. A random person holds a random album in front of them and wants praise for it. The shirts don't match. The body parts don't match. It looks like a teenage laugh-for-a-second activity. I'm really not sure why many of these images are in this book. Were there really so few well done images that they had to go with these "barely even tried" photos? Or were the other well done images quagmired with legal issues and not allowed to be used?

There are those two or three images I would want to bookmark and show to others, but for the rest, I would have no interest in showing them to anyone, never mind looking at them again myself.

Maybe if they do a volume two which has a much higher quality level, I might be interested in it as a coffeebook table sort of thing. If it has the same mostly-miss-a-few-hits atmosphere of this current one, I'll probably give it a pass. And again, this is from someone who adores album art and actively promotes it.

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