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Fennel is the seed part of the fennel plant. If you've ever been in an Indian restaurant, they usually offer you a bowl of fennel seeds to munch on either as a before-dinner treat or as a dessert on your way out the door. Fennel seeds are quite tasty!

Fennel acts in the body like an estrogen dose, and studies have shown that eating fennel will help a breastfeeding mother express her milk better. It also helps to regulate menstruation for the same reason. Many doctors recommend that pregnant women not take fennel because it will alter the already changing balance of hormones in the body.

As far as breast enlargement goes, no studies have been done on the effect of fennel on breast size. However, if you read my page on saw palmetto, you'll see that some women have smaller breasts because their female hormones (estrogen) are being out-powered by the male hormones. So if you take herbs that enhance your estrogen while keeping down your testosterone, you might give your breasts a fighting chance to be their "proportional size" for your body.

Fennel is an ingredient in most "breast enlargement" pills.

Note that I've heard from some people that they dislike the taste of fennel, because they don't like the taste of licorice and in essence fennel tastes like licorice. If you're a non-licorice person, then simply don't eat the fennel. It's not worth stressing your body out in order to help its health. There are enough other options here for you to follow that your body will embrace. All of us are different, and we all need different things in life to be healthy.

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