Saw Palmetto - Larger Breasts the Natural Way

Saw Palmetto comes from the Saw Palmetto Fan Palm. The powder we take is actually from the berries of this plant. It in essence effects the production of testosterone in the body. For men, taking this helps to reduce the size of the prostate since this is governed by testosterone. Many studies have been done on men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and show how effective saw palmetto is.

Some of the side effects in men who are taking this are impotence and breast enlargement. In both cases it's because the saw palmetto "unbalances" the hormones in the system, blocking the "male" hormones and therefore letting the "female" hormones become more in force.

So whether saw palmetto works well for you depends on why your breasts are on the small size. For some women, this is simply the size their body felt was proportional and has nothing to do with too little hormones or too many hormones. However, some women definitely have an abundance of testosterone in their system. These are the women that tend to grow fuzzy moustaches and fuzzy facial hair. Italian and Eastern European women often fall into this category. Women with hairy arms and legs would also be in the high testosterone category.

If you're a woman who seems to have higher than normal levels of testosterone in her system, I would definitely give saw palmetto a try. Studies have proven in women that the saw palmetto helps reduce the amount of facial hair and body hair on a woman. Studies have not been done on the breast enlargement issue, but there is anecdotal evidence, and saw palmetto is an ingredient in most "breast enlargement" pills.

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