Aquarius Writers and Poets

Aquarius is a sign that loves to learn and share knowledge. It's no surprise that many brilliant writers and poets share the sign of Aquarius.

Lord Byron
Lord Byron is a poet whose work has survived the centuries with ease. He lived in the early 1800s and died before he reached age 40.
James Joyce
Writing in early 20th century Dublin, James Joyce was considered shocking by many for his frank exploration of life and love. His most classic tale is Ulysses.

Langston Hughes
Born Feb 1, 1902, Langston Hughes writes beautiful poetry about black life in the early 20th century. He also wrote prose and drama works.
Collected Poetry

Ayn Rand
With a birthdate of February 2, Ayn Rand is most famous for her massive tome, Atlas Shrugged. Many claim this is the most influential work written in the 20th century.
Atlas Shrugged

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