Aquarius Recipes

Here are some delicious recipes to try out on your favorite Aquarius friend or partner!

Cocktail - Tequila Sunrise
This is one of the most beautiful drinks I know. A gorgeous sunrise of orange and red! Mix two shots of tequila with orange juice and ice cubes. Then pour 1/2 shot grenadine down the side of glass to the bottom. It will slowly rise up through the OJ in a very pretty color gradient from red to red-orange to orange.

Appetizer - Salmon Devilled Eggs
Devilled Eggs have a long history, and the salmon version is both healthy and an eclectic twist! Perfect for any Aquarius.

Main Dish - Greek Spinach Pie
Greece is one of the oldest cultures in history - and this spinach dish is delicious! You can talk about interesting Greek history while you share the meal!

Dessert - Biscotti
Perfect with a glass of coffee, tea or port, the biscotti is a classic Italian cookie that is easy to make and quite enjoyable!

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