Lisa's Recycling Tips

Recycling is important for every one of us. Look at it as a fun challenge, to see how much of your trash stream you can recycle instead!

* Recycle everything your community allows! This includes paper, newspapers, cans, glass bottles, and everything plastic you possibly can. Make an effort to find out what things are on the list. Look at these stats on paper usage to find out what we're up against.

* Compost all food scraps. Don't just throw them away, make a bed for earthworms. I have more information here on composting, thanks to my gardening SIG. Speaking of which, grow a small garden! Even containers will do. Grow your own food and herbs, and share any excess with neighbors.

* Re-use whatever you can out of what's left! Make milk bottles into birdhouses. Make jewelry containers, plant growing containers, you know the drill. Something shouldn't go into the "trash" unless there is truly no worth for it left.

* Practice good water management! Don't water your lawn in the middle of the day. Make sure all faucets are tight and only turn on water when you're actively using it. Install water-saving appliances.

* Keep your home or apartment energy efficient. Keep seals tight so air conditioning or heat doesn't escape. Examine blinds, curtains, skylights, and other combinations of sun shields or solar panels to keep the house warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot. A friend of mine has written software to design energy-efficient houses.

Be sure to email me if you have any more tips or ideas!

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