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puffin I have over 3,000 articles, photos, song files and movie files relating to birding. This online database includes photos of birds, information about birding trips, and a great deal of research I've done about birds. I have recipes for bird feeders, and encyclopedia of birds, a glossary of birding terms, and even seed experiments to see what birds enjoy which seeds.

I've always loved the outdoors and birds, camping, hiking, mountain biking. When I moved in with my boyfriend, Bob, in Massachusetts in 1995 it seemed that I'd entered a birder's paradise. All of the birds the books promised "someday you would see" were there flitting around the yard. We now have three seed feeders, a thistle feeder, a suet feeder and a birdbath out, plus occasional treats of fruits and vegetables. I make my own suet, which the birds love, and experiment with other things. Once I put out grape jelly and a catbird appeared from nowhere!

Feel free to browse through my content, and enjoy!

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Much of this information is also found at, a site I own, with my permission.