Toronaga and Buntaro - Mariko's husband - show up in Anjiro. Buntaro boasts about his archery skill and Anjin starts up a drinking contest. Buntaro pulls out his bow and shoots incredibly accurately right through the rice paper. Buntaro then orders Mariko to tell Anjin about her family even though this upsets her greatly. She admits she's the daughter of an assassin, who assassinated Lord Goroda. She feels her blood is tainted. Mariko survived because her husband "honored her" and was sent away even though she wanted to commit suicide.

Mariko and Buntaro fight that night and in rushes Anjin to stop him from beating her. Mariko asks him to leave, to be seen in that state upsets her. She admits she detests her husband and did so from the first moment she saw him. Anjin chases after Buntaro, but he apologizes for disturbing the peace of the house.

The servants get tired of the pheasant stench and the gardener cut it down - and then was killed for not following Anjin's orders. Anjin is upset that the gardener was killed, then realizes it was his fault and is upset.

Anjin meets with Toronaga and Mariko. He's told that one of the regents resigned from the council and that Ishido in anger killed that regent and his family. The regent system was in essence disbanded and Toronaga now had to petition the emperor to be made Shogun - military ruler. Civil war was coming.

An earthquake strikes and Anjin saves Toronaga from death. Anjin gives Toronaga his sword to replace the ones Toronaga lost. He returns home to see Fujiko, his consort, is badly burnt and his house is destroyed.

Shortly afterwards, Toronaga asks Anjin about outfitting his ship for war. Anjin wants to attack the black ship but Toronaga refuses. Anjin is then given a "fishing village" plus 200 retainers and more as a reward for saving Toronaga's life. Anjin is now made a samurai. Anjin also gets to spend the night with a local courtesan.

Toronaga tells Anjin that they will be going to Yedo, stopping along the way. At the clearing, he is informed by the council that he must go meet with them or commit suicide. Meanwhile, Buntaro does a tea ceremony and tries to reconcile, but she refuses. In the Jesuit area, one of the priests has been caught with a prostitute and is sentenced to be flogged. The priest rebells and quits the group.

The next day, Toronaga agrees to go to Osaka. The priest points out to Anjin that he will have to commit suicide along with Toronaga. Anjin says that's "karma". They all ride together. The priest points out that there are no carriages in Japan because they would ruin the roads. He then realizes that his excommunicated priest is now one of Anjin's entourage.

We get our first look that night of Anjin and Mariko in each other's arms, sharing their love. Mariko says they will live in that happy dream until Edo's first bridge.

When the priest prepares to part paths the next day, he gives a Portuguese-Japanese dictionary to Anjin - on the command of Toronaga.

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