The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World fror Grown-Ups

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World fror Grown-Ups
Frommers / Eve Zibart

Out of all the Disney books I have, this is the smallest and shortest. It's a paperback size with only 167 actual pages. Of course, that's because it has a very narrow focus. The book really expects that you already have access to one or more "full" books about Disney and are now hoping to get specific information on grown up activities. I therefore was expecting this book NOT to redundantly cover all the basics - but to focus on the specifics for adults.

The book begins by advising adults to go in late April / early May. The weather's warm enough to swim, it's relatively quiet, and the gardens are in full bloom. Dress casually unless you must have a formal dinner, and pack light. Bring ear plugs just in case, and an easy to carry water bottle. Comfortable shoes are a must! All of these things are exactly what every other book says. Every book tries to get you go to when it's less crowded and to be sensible while you're there.

The book gives a lot of generic information on ticket prices, airline ideas, hotels. They do get into romantic hotels and restaurants, perhaps assuming that adults coming here are coming as couples. They talk about things to do at each theme park. However, most of what I read was generic. There were very few items that were aimed only at adults. In fact, the ones that were did so from the viewpoint of "xxx is far too childish for you to enjoy"

Now here's where this book really annoys me. The tone of much of the book is VERY snide. They make snide comments about noisy kids, about inane rides, about just about every aspect of going to Disney. One or two things I could let slide. We all have pet peeves. However, it's like they are going out of their way to say "We aren't with Disney, and we think they suck, they can't do anything about it, nyah nyah nyah." It gets REALLY redundant really quickly. The whole reason I got this book is because I *want* to go to Disney. I don't feel like reading nasty commentary about it the entire time. You know what, if they think Small Word is "brain damaging", they can just choose to go elsewhere. They don't have to dediate two paragraphs to bashing it.

Once they finish with the park reviews, they give a lot of time to the nighttime island and to shopping. Apparently adults like to drink and shop, but not do "Disney" things. Finally, the book discusses wine lists a bit, and hidden mickeys a fair amount.

I felt rather disappointed when I finished with this book. Most of it was generic and redundant to other Disney books. Very little of it was adult-specific - and when it was, it was apparently aiming to very "super-mature" adults who were incredibly wealthy. Many of the things they said to avoid, I would enjoy greatly. I realize it's hard to write something that aims to ALL adults. However, they didn't even seem to try. Either they were driving me away with their snideness, excluding me with their incredibly high price tag recommendations, or talking down to me.

Rent this at a library first to see if you find anything useful in it. For actual "cheap Disney" suggestions or reviews of hotels / restaurants / attractions you'll enjoy, it's far more useful to get an actual full book on Disney and go through it with your own interests in mind.

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