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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of those places that has the most incredible marketing teams known to mankind. They have movies. They have TV shows. There are books, there are videos. They even have their own book series - "Birnbaum's" - that claims to be a guide you can trust but really it's written by the people who want you to go there and stay for weeks. It's like the free DVD you get from Disney. It's a vacation video - but it encourages you to stay at least a week and to stay only in Disney hotels :) You always have to check out your source.

I have been to Orlando several times, always on my own money. I've been as a child. I've been as a honeymooner. I've been as a romantic adult, and I've been with a group. I have over 100 pages of tips, suggestions, reviews and photos about Walt Disney World, Orlando FL. It's all FREE, here on the web, something I feel very strongly about! There is no bias, no hidden agenda. I'm simply hoping that you get the most you possibly can out of your trip, for the least amount of money.

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Remember two things. First, nobody NEEDS to go to Disney. It is simply one of a thousand vacation choices you have. There are trillions of natural wonders in the world; you don't need to go to an artificial one with incredibly inflated prices just because their marketing machine told you to. Surely it's better for your kids to see natural wonders like the manatees of the Florida Keys or a donkey ride in the Grand Canyon, the actual streets and sights of Philadelphia, vs paying to get into a plastic-fake world. If you have to, go once to "see what it's all about". Make it worthwhile. But don't necessarily get hung up on it as the end-all trip of a lifetime. Put it into context.

Second, this is NOT the most expensive trip in the world! Look into cruise ship prices. Look into staying in New York! You can easily spend far more, going elsewhere. Don't psych yourself out about the expense. There are ways both to save money before you take the trip - and to save money on actual trip expenses. If this is what you want to do, then there'll be a way to do it. You just have to work at it.

If you just need to save money in the first place to AFFORD to go to Disney, then that has nothing to do with Disney :) That has to do with your home finances. It is of course important! Be sure to read my Frugal Living Tips to save as much money as humanly possible before you leave on your trip. The more money you save, the more fun you can have!

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