Econoguide - Walt Disney World / Universal Orlando

Econoguide - Walt Disney World / Universal Orlando
Corey Sandler

This book is a well sized tome - over 450 pages - but that covers both Walt Disney World as well as many other parks. If you're only seeing Walt Disney World, you only get the first 271 pages.

First, there are the obligatory pages about when to go, the temperature and rainfall amounts. Advice on travel websites to get plane tickets from, etc. None of this is much different than any other book I own, or in fact the web. I understand they need to include it, but in reality it's pretty worthless. Hopefully everyone on the planet knows how to determine average temperature and airline tickets of a place they want to visit.

The hotel section is pretty feeble. Hotels are underdescribed or barely detailed. If I was choosing to stay at a hotel, I definitely wouldn't go based on this book. There are a number of better websites and books for that purpose, with photos and full details. Then there's a VERY short section on going with kids, and we launch right into the park descriptions.

The park descriptions are reasonably good, but not full of detail. Again, there are enough websites and other books that really provide great details, photos and tips that in comparison this book comes up short.

The restaurant descriptions give the basics, but not any special tips. It's the same problem. I wouldn't choose a restaurant based on what I saw here. Then that's it. We go right into Universal Orlando.

The book touts the coupons it holds - but pretty much *none* of them are for Disney. You get:

10% off $100 or more from Samonite; $10 off Arabian Nightes dinner show; 25% off Nauticus & other Norfolk VA items; $1 off Brevard Zoo in Melbourne; $5 off 6 bottes from Florida Estates Winery; 2 for 1 to Polynesian Islanders Review; $4 off per person for Murder Mystery at Grosvenor; Free coupon book at prime outlets of Ellentown; $5 off at Sleuths dinner show; $10 off Ocala carriage tour; 2 for 1 at Flying Tigers exhibit; 10% off at Loyalty Homes.

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