Viggo Mortensen Movie Listing

Viggo Mortensen Viggo Mortensen sprang into the public eye with the release of the Lord of the Ring series, but he has been an amazing actor for decades, and has won great praise for many of his performances. It's very intersting to watch the changes in roles he's offered over the years. In the first movies he's often a gangster or a slimy turncoat. That really seems to change when he stars in American Yakuza - and in fact it's a deliberate change there - that he starts out as a 'reformed, lying criminal' but then as the movie goes on, you learn about his actual morals and depth of character. Then POOF in the next movie - Crimson Tide - he's a stand up VERY moral member of the military.

Here is a list of films Viggo Mortensen has been in, with the most recent ones first.

Year FilmCharacter
2011A Dangerous MethodSigmund Freud
2007Eastern PromisesNikolai
2006AlatristeCaptain Alatriste
2005A History of ViolenceTom McKenna
2004HidalgoFrank T. Hopkins
2003The Return of the KingAragorn
2002The Two TowersAragorn
2001Lord of the RingsAragorn
200028 DaysEddie Boone
1999A Walk on the MoonWalker Jerome
1998PsychoSamuel 'Sam' Loomis
1998A Perfect MurderDavid Shaw
1997La Pistola de mi hermano Juanito
1997G.I. JaneMaster Chief John James 'Jack' Urgayle
1997Vanishing PointJimmy Kowalski
1996DaylightRoy Nord
1996The Portrait of a LadyCaspar Goodwood
1996Albino AlligatorGuy Foucard
1995The Passion of Darkly NoonClay
1995The ProphecyLucifer
1995Black Velvet PantsuitWorthless Junkie
1995Crimson TideLt. Peter 'Weps' Ince
1994American YakuzaNick Davis / David Brandt
1994The Crew Phillip
1994FlounderingHomeless Man
1993The Young AmericansFrazer
1993Carlito's WayLalin
1993Deception / Ruby CairoJohnny Faro
1993Boiling PointRonnie
1991The Indian RunnerFrank Roberts
1990The Reflecting SkinCameron Dove
1990Young Guns IIJohn W. Poe
1990Leatherface : Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIITex
1988Fresh HorsesGreen
1988PrisonBurke / Forsythe Electrocution
1987Salvation!Jerome Stample
1985WitnessMoses Hochleitner

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