Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen:
Witness: 1985

The first movie that I know about Viggo being in was Witness. He plays the light blue shirted Amish farmer, Moses Hochleitner. I was always a huge fan of the movie Witness, with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. All of the actors including the young Lukas Haas were really good, and the culture clash between the Philly Copy and the Amish was extremely well done. I've been out to Amish country several times and have always loved the quiet contentment found there.

Viggo appears during the barn raising scene and is in fact sitting between Ford and McGillis during their dinner scene there. He doesn't speak at all until the scene were the town rednecks are harassing the Amish in the wagon. Viggo is in the wagon with them and trying to keep things calm. His only lines are in German! It's just a tribute to the amazing lingual capabilities of this actor.

I do have to comment that during most of his scenes he is smiling, looking very happy and content. Quite different from many of his other characters, where he was far more serious.

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