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Formatting Commands

If you have gone through HTML Lesson 1, you learned about the very basics of HTML. You can now put raw text onto a HTML page. It looks a little plain, though. Now itīs time to learn how to make the text a bit more pretty.

BOLD Bold is done with the B tag. You simply put a <B> before the text you want bolded. Then put a </B> after it. So to bold the word BOLD you would type


which creates



In the same manner, underlines can be created by using the U tag. Simply put a <U> before anything you want underlined, and a </U> after it. This isnīt a *link* - this is just underlined text. Use this sparingly, because since links are normally underlined, a person who sees underlined text normally assumes it links somewhere. So to underline the word UNDERLINE you would do


which makes



Italics works the same way, with the letter I. Just use <I> to start the italics and </I> to end them. So to italicize the word ITALICS you would do


which makes


Thatīs the basics of formatting!

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