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Hi! My name is Lisa, and I've been a database developer and coder since 1987. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that had "internet" access since the early 70s, so some of my earliest memories are of programming basic games on a tiny thermal-paper terminal with acoustic couplings to stick a phone into. Ah, those were the days.

Nowadays we have blisteringly-fast cable modems and machines that have more memory than we used to have on our hard drives. And ASP is one of the most amazing software languages you can use. With it you can create automatic headers and footers that all of your pages share, create counters, mail forms, automatically updating inventory pages, quizzes, polls, and much, much more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While I will help you LEARN, I will not DO your homework for you. If you write me for help, I will help you learn your project's tasks. I will not SOLVE your problems, though. Homework is given so you figure out for yourself out how things work and why they don't. I will help you see why your project does not work, but I will not write code for you. So far, I have had thousands of very happy students who went on to code great projects, and one girl who became *verbally abusive* when I would not do her homework for her. Verbally abusive visitors will NOT be helped!

Come on in and learn!

The FREE On Line ASP Course
Want to learn how to program in ASP? Don't want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn? Here is everything you need to know to get started, in a simple, FREE on line course. Give it a try, and email me with any questions!

ASP Projects and Solutions
Probably 99% of ASP code boils down to a few simple tasks - sending out mail forms, updating a database record, working with dates and times. Here is sample code for common tasks you might wish to do. I'm also including little puzzles - pieces of broken code that visitors have sent in to me to look at. Test your knowledge - can you figure out why they weren't working?

ASP Hosting Providers
Want to do ASP coding and need a host that can support you? Here's a list of great providers, with a breakdown of what is good and bad about each.

Search Engines & ASP
As widespread as ASP is, sometimes search engines discrimate against ASP files. Don't let YOUR website be ignored because you ignored the basic rules. Be sure to know what to do, and how to do it.

Need help with something in particular? Feel free to Email Me and let me know what your question is. I'll be sure to get back to you, and to add the answer to your question to the website so others can benefit as well!

Have fun with your ASP coding - it makes any web development MUCH easier!

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