The Teahouse

I have a great love for feudal Japan and also of the world of Frank Herbert's DUNE. When I played in the DuneMUSH on line role playing world, one of my characters was Wensicia Corrino. I created a Japanese teahouse for my home in the House Corrino. This page will let you see how you could interact with objects in the world of DuneMUSH. You would give commands such as "look at teapot" or "go east" and the DuneMUSH system would reveal to you what happened. Sit back, take a deep breath, and pretend for a moment that you have joined the world of Dune as a high level dignitary of an important household.

Let us assume you are a guest at the House Corrino and you wander out behind the house, into the gardens. You head past a large fountain and see a stone path leading into a distant part of the gardens. You stroll down the quiet stone path, around a few bends in the flowers and trees and find this wood-beam teahouse, set apart from all else. You look at the teahouse:

To the east, a sizeable waterfall cascades down a series of rounded boulders to form a small lake, with an island in its center. To one side of the island is a small teak tea house, which can be reached by crossing on stepping stones.

If it was nighttime, you would have an additional observation:

In the moonlight, the teak house appears to almost be floating in the water, the white shoji screens shining palely amidst the assymetrical panels. A few of the screens are propped open, and you can glimpse the iron kettle hanging inside.

You choose to walk across the stones to enter the teahouse. When you do:

You slip your shoes off by the door, and duck your head as you enter the teahouse.

Now choose what you would like to do inside the teahouse. Most rooms in DuneMUSH would react to all 5 senses as well as perform special actions if coded to do so.

Thank you SO much to Scott who helped me fix it so it works in both IE and FireFox!!

look at flowers
look at shoji
look at tatami
look at kettle
look at tray
look at parchment (1)
look at parchment (2)
look at parchment (3)
look at parchment (4)
look at parchment (5)
look at parchment (6)
look at parchment (7)
look at gong
ring at gong
mix the tea
measure the tea
hand the cups
The light streaming in through the shoji screens gives the teahouse an especially beautiful glow. The tatami mats are soft beneath your bare feet, and a few pillows are piled by the door for sitting. The center of the tea house is depressed, and a small fire burns there, heating the iron kettle which hangs from a hook in the ceiling.

To one side is a small niche, holding a parchment, a small arrangement of flowers, and a lacquered tray with four cups. Beneath the niche is a drawer with various tea implements.

A small gong hangs by the door.

When you leave the teahouse, you are told:

You slip on your shoes and take the stepping stones back to the fountain.

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