Shot Glass Treasure

The shot glass treasure can be used in a variety of ways in your adventure. They can be the special glasses at the top of a bar, or a sort of party-game item at a rich person's home.

The shot glasses only work when a certain liquid is poured into them. You can make this water, soda, whiskey, dragon's blood wine, or whatever is appropriate to your campaign and age group of players.

The shot glasses come in sets of 6 and each is slightly different from the rest. You can make them colored glass in 6 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). You can put a special insignia on each - perhaps 6 different animals, or 6 astrological symbols. Again, you might want to make the differences very obvious if the group is inexperienced, or quite subtle if the group is advanced. You might for example put a compass shape on each glass - but have a different direction pointing up on each one.

Each glass causes the liquid within to transmute into a different type of potion. Some suggestions are:

* potion of cure wounds
* poison
* potion of bark skin
* sleeping potion
* stimulant
* love potion
* potion of charisma
* potion of intelligence loss

The players can test the potions out on themselves or each other to determine what they do. Perhaps the way they encounter them is by watching a bartender carefully bring down the appropriate shot glass when a lovely woman comes into the bar (a love potion) and then a different one when an obnoxious loud-mouth comes in (a sleeping potion).

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