D&D Adventures and Puzzles

When my son and his cousins were ten, they showed an interest in role playing. I designed this pair of adventures to help introduce them to the fun, creative world of role playing. The puzzles are ones able to be figured out by pre-teens and involve fun riddles. There is some fighting, some puzzle solving and some adventure intermingled. Enjoy!

The Five Senses
This is a fun, low-level D&D adventure that appeals to the younger set. It has fun riddles all involving the various senses, and can use a lot of descriptive interaction. Read more about it!

RiverGlen - Catching Jar Jar
This is a low level D&D adventure for kids that is a quest to capture the evil Jar Jar Binks! It's pretty easy to follow, and is the typical go into town, find your mission, get hints to cave and capture kind of mission. Lots of room for kids to be creative!

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