Danger Mirror Treasure

The danger mirror treasure can be incredibly useful for a band of adventurers - both to help them with trouble and to sell to get a lot of money.

The mirror appears to be a standard hand mirror with a black handle and frame. It is an oval shape, around 4" long by 3" wide. If a player looks into it for more than 5 seconds, the mirror will first go foggy and then show the next dangerous situation that character will encounter, if he does not change his path.

This can be challenging as a dungeon master - how can you ensure that the characters WILL choose that situation? You need to have a sense of what the characters are likely to do and report vaguely on the next danger on that path. If they are an area surrounded by pits, you could show the character falling into a pit. If the characters have spiders lurking nearby, the mirror could show a spider attack. The mirror does not show necessarily what WILL happen - by viewing the mirror, the character is changing his timeline so that he can now avoid the trouble. The mirror is showing what the future DID hold for the character before he (or she) gained this knowledge.

If your characters encounter another issue before finding the stated danger, you can always have something happen to have them avert the intermediate danger, therefore explaining why the mirror did not detect it.

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