Charm Bracelet Treasure

The best kind of treasure is one that doesn't get sold at the first store for gold. It is kept with the adventurers for years, bringing them fame and glory. A perfect example would be a charm bracelet!

To start out with, you could have them find this charm bracelet at the end of a difficult dungeon, and maybe someone would recognize it as being created by a famous magic-user of the realm. If someone doesn't, certainly whoever first spots it in a town will recognize it from the legends. The adventurers find it in its basic form - no charms at all, just the basic bracelet, maybe with special goldwork or coloring to show it is unique.

As the adventurers continue on their journeys, they begin to hear about various charms that have been hidden in dungeons and castles. Each charm they find and attach to the bracelet adds a new ability - armor class bonusses, invisibility, stat bonusses, whatever you feel is appropriate. You can set a limit to the number of charms it will support so that over time they have to choose which to use and which to keep in a pocket. They can swap the bracelet from person to person depending on the task at hand and who is best suited for it. As they gain more charms, they also become well known as the Keeper of the Charms!

This is definitely a treasure they will keep around, and which will grow with them as their experience expands.

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