Quest Idea - The Talent Contest

This fun quest can really help to draw your gamers into the gaming universe, and show off their personal talents as well!

Your characters come into a village that is in an uproar - people are running around, singing, painting, and doing a number of intersting activities. When the players get to the tavern, they are told that a talent contest is coming up, and that the prize is the hand of the lovely daughter of the mayor (or other local ruler depending on your government style).

Through various hints and discussions, the players discover that the daughter is already in love with a gentle, kind young man and has NO desire to be awarded to any winner of the contest. However, her money-grubbing father is asking a 20g entry fee from every comer and figures he can make a lot of money by doing this. He doesn't care at all for the feelings of his daughter.

The daughter comes to the adventurers and offers them her prize jewel, left to her from her now-dead mother, worth 500g, if they will win the contest and then release her. She wants to live in the village with her love, and marry him. So she doesn't want to run off or escape. But the contest is already set in stone and must go forward - she cannot "not participate".

The players must therefore enter the talent contest and sing, dance or draw their way into winning. It's a time to let their natural talents shine!

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