Brown Bear - d20 Stats and Information

Brown bears are found in very small groups - but they are each so powerful that they can terrorize a town or village.

Normally a brown bear is found on its own. These huge animals are around 12' tall when standing on their back legs and are fiercely territorial. During mating season you might find a male and female bear together. A female will then go off on her own to bear and raise her young. A mother bear with her young cubs is one of the most ferocious creatures in the wild, and will defend her 1 or 2 cubs to the death.

Bears are of medium intelligence. They consider their opponent before deciding how to attack, and will not attack if outnumbered. However, a mom defending her cubs will defend them no matter what.

Bears will not normally attack humans, but they are drawn to easy food. If they find berry bushes or fish streams near humans, they will be drawn to the food - and if harassed by the villagers, they will defend themselves.

Hit Dice: 6d8 + 24
Armor Class: 15
Attacks: Claw 1d8+8; Bite 2d8+4

Bears tend to live in caves, and would not have treasure there. The cave might be one used by bandits to store loot, though, which could be of value. Also, bear skins and claws are highly valued for their decorative value. Bear skins make warm blankets and outfits, too.

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