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Card: Tortoise
Date Folded: February 19, 2004
Number ATCs Released: 25
Cards Available: 24
Initial Card/Origami Available: NO

The tortoise is a beloved symbol in Japanese origami, representing good fortune and long life. I really love this image and have it set as my computer desktop background. I have always enjoyed the visual contrast of wood on black ebony. The 'stream' the tortoise is located near is made of black go pieces. Go is a Japanese strategy game that I enjoy very much, and I have handled those particular pieces many times. It gives me the sense of well-worn river rocks to see them in this context. Even the table is well worn, with wear marks above the turtle giving a sweep of motion to the slow moving animal.

For the tortoise itself, that is one of the classic origami shapes, and I folded this one from the book Origami. It is a simple, clean and elegant design, with very few folds. I really enjoy the hexagonal paper I found to make him with, it felt very shell-like to me.

If you are an artist and wish to swap ATCs with me, please email me with the details. I am willing to send anywhere in the world.

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