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Card: Hina Dolls
Date Folded: February 19, 2004
Number ATCs Released: 25
Cards Available: 24
Initial Card/Origami Available: NO

For the past 900 years, March 3rd in Japan has been the day of the Girl's Day Festival, also called 'Hina-no-Sekku'. Girls would arrange their dolls artfully, invite their friends over and have a party, complete with sweets and tea. The most important dolls at this event were the Emperor and Empress dolls.

I enjoy folding Hina dolls because of their very long tradition, and their association with girls growing up. I especially enjoy the pattern for these two particular dolls. The woman is tall and sure of herself, apparently kneeling up. In contrast, the man is hunkered down in a cross-legged sitting position, square and solid, with that pointy head indicating virility.

In my layout, the woman is almost glowing with her own knowledge and self assurance. The man sits in her shadow, on this day of all days a support for her. Both origami are folded with a very rich, textured paper, with all of the flowers and designs done in raised relief. The fabric the dolls are sitting on is from a futon that I myself sit on daily, bringing the elegance of the dolls down to a daily-life realm. We, each of us, are an empress and emperor in our own ways.

More Information on the Girl's Day Festival

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