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Card: Goldfish
Date Folded: February 19, 2004
Number ATCs Released: 25
Cards Available: 24
Initial Card/Origami Available: NO

Goldfish are extremely popular in Japanese culture and just about every pond has a few of them. The goldfish is a symbol of happiness and fun. I love using this paper for goldfish because the design looks like scales. I took the main image slightly out of focus to give it an underwater feel.

The air bubbles are from my go set, which is a Japanese strategy game. I have played with that set many times so the pieces have a very weathered feel to them. The background blue is my boyfriend's windbreaker, that he wears when we go out hiking or having fun. So I felt that gave the right sense of playfulness to the image.

If you are an artist and wish to swap ATCs with me, please email me with the details. I am willing to send anywhere in the world.

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