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Card: Dove
Date Folded: February 19, 2004
Number ATCs Released: 25
Cards Available: 24
Initial Card/Origami Available: NO

The dove is the international symbol of peace and love. The dove brought the branch to Noah in the Bible, it has served as an ambassador of peace in many settings. Doves represent the contentment of a life well led.

This dove is done in the romantic colors of red and purple, and is layered with flower designs. It rests on my most snuggly sweater, that I wear all winter long to keep off the chill. The fluffs of sweater represent the clouds through which the dove is soaring, enjoying its world.

To me, this is about the most perfect image of contentment you could create.

If you are an artist and wish to swap ATCs with me, please email me with the details. I am willing to send anywhere in the world.

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