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Blue Bird

Card: Blue Bird
Date Folded: February 19, 2004
Number ATCs Released: 25
Cards Available: 24
Initial Card/Origami Available: NO

Birds are often inspirations for origami, and have many different meanings in Japanese culture. This bird is not one of the clearly identifiable shapes such as the crane or swan. It is a 'casual bird', a friendly presence in life that adds song and joy.

The paper used was colored on both sides - silver on one, blue on the other. That gives the bird its lovely silver head. The bird is nestled in with flowers that I received for my birthday from my boyfriend. It is the 'bluebird of happiness' from the song, the day to day of fun that life brings.

Note that normally I put a symmetrical border on my images, but in this case I really liked the proportions of the image and the twisting shadow to the left of the bird. I expanded the border to keep those proportions.

If you are an artist and wish to swap ATCs with me, please email me with the details. I am willing to send anywhere in the world.

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