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Doing an Insert with ASP

The only unhappy student I have ever had on this site was trying to insert data into a message board database for a homework assignment. Here is what she was trying to do. Hopefully it should be obvious to you why it failed!

Her homework assignment was to create a "Laura's Winter Activity MessageBoard" application. In essence she had a form where a user typed in the message, and she wanted this message added into her database. So really, the 'add' page only had one function - to take the data from the form and insert it into the database table.

I sent her a message explaining that this is the normal code to alter data in a database table:

Dim objCmd4
Set objCmd4 = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Command")
SQLTxt = "update traffic set hit_count = hit_count + 1 where counter = 142;"
objCmd4.ActiveConnection = strConnect
objCmd4.CommandType = &H0001
objCmd4.CommandText = SQLTxt
objCmd4.Execute intRecords
Set objCmd4 = Nothing

In this case, you are updating a traffic counter by one for page #142. You could put something like this on the bottom of each page in your website, changing the ID # for each page, and keep running live traffic counters for your site.

Her response was that her code to insert looked like this:

objCommand.CommandText = "Insert into Activity values(" & request("Aname") & ", '" & request("Acontact") & "','" & request("Apw") & "','" & request("Amsg")& "')"
response.write objCommand.CommandText

Those were the ONLY two lines of code in her insert page. Compare her two lines of code to the functional code which I sent her. What is the difference between the two sets of code? She has one statement which assigns a value to the CommandText member of the objCommand object (which is never created to begin with). Her second line is a response.write statement - i.e. it simply puts something on the user's screen to read. What key statements are missing in order for her code to execute against the database?

If you found the answer, congratulations!!

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