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Hi! My name is Lisa, and I've been a database developer and coder since 1987. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that had "internet" access since the early 70s, so some of my earliest memories are of programming basic games on a tiny thermal-paper terminal with acoustic couplings to stick a phone into. Ah, those were the days.

Nowadays we have blisteringly-fast cable modems and machines that have more memory than we used to have on our hard drives. HTML can help you put all of your information on line and share it with others!

Come on in and learn!

The HTML On Line Course
HTML - The Basics
Formatting Commands
Paragraphs and Line Breaks
Using IMG SRC and Images
Using Tables in HTML
Advanced Table Commands

Commonly Used Special HTML Characters
Working with Fonts
Using MAILTO Properly
Using Meta Tags

Using Web-Safe Colors
Grey Color Chart
Red-Green-Blue Color Chart

What is a HTML Compressor?

Spyware List and Information

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