Orphen - Episode 8 - Azalie

At the start of the episode, Orphen is brooding over his failure of saving Azalie. Then the scene shifts to two people at the Tower of Fang. Then Volcan and Dortin find a room with lots of crystals in it. Cleo is mad at Orphen because he wouldn't eat her soup.

Then Dortin and Volcan find a woman inside one of the crystals, and it's Azalie! Aaaaagh! Scary! Then Majic says that the reflections in the crystals are slow, and from six years ago, so it's images of Azalie. Orphen runs away after he sees the images. "If only I had more power", he says.

Majic asks about what happened to Azalie. Cleo shows her "sensitive" side. Orphen says that both he and Azalie were orphans. They heard about the Tower of Fang and went there. It shows little Orphen and Azalie. Orphen's name was "Krylancelo". Azalie and Krylancelo are like brother and sister. The other students were talking about them. Orphen says that they all looked up to Azalie. She was called, "The Sorcery of the Heavenly Beast". She was the most powerful mage there. They spent lot of time together. Orphen says he could see a more dangerous side of her. Azalie asked for help with something, but later Orphen finds her in her room, screaming and saying "Don't look at me!" Azlie stabs herself with the sword to turn into the Bloody August.

The Council of the Tower of Fang are debating about Azalie. They say she has to die so that the Tower of Fang is not disgraced. Krylancelo is bashing a coffin open and the other members of the Tower of Fang are trying to stop him. He changes his name to Orphen.

Back to the present: Cleo now wants to help change Azalie back. All happy, whee, etcetera.

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