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I love anime and manga and have reviewed hundreds of titles. Here are my reviews by topic - enjoy!

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Animatrix Photos and Episode Reviews
Berzerk Photos and Episode Reviews
Cowboy Bebop Photos and Episode Reviews
Dragonball Photos and Episode Reviews
Final Fantasy Movie and TV Show Episode Reviews
Grave of the Firefly Movie and TV Show Episode Reviews
GForce / Gatchaman Photos and Episode Reviews
.hack//SIGN Reviews
Inuyasha Reviews
Kiki's Delivery Service Reviews
Lord of the Rings / Return of the King / Hobbit Reviews
Metropolis Review and Photos
Naruto Review and Photos
Neon Evangelion Genesis Review and Photos
Orphen Review and Photos
Pokemon Review and Photos
Sailor Moon Away Review and Photos
Spirited Away Review and Photos
Trigun Photos and Episode Reviews
Yu-Gi-Oh! Photos and Episode Reviews

Anime Festivals
2004 Boston Anime Festival
2005 Boston Anime Festival
All Other Anime Festival Reviews

Manga Reviews
Bleach Manga
Chrono Crusade Manga
Death Note Manga
Louie the Rune Soldier Manga
Naruto Manga
Rave Manga
Saiyuki Manga
Tenken Manga

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